Customs Brokerage

Lisa Ragan Customs Brokerage specializes in real-world solutions for complex cargo in any location on the planet, including vehicles, military equipment, letters of credit, and hazmat and can even step in to act as a air or ocean freight forwarder in case of emergency. With a strong focus on compliance and classification, Lisa Ragan Customs Brokerage offers the security of having a firm that can offer 24/7 emergency operational support for your toughest shipments.

Lisa Ragan represents foreign importers from around the world. In as little as one or two days we can prepare the necessary paperwork and secure a non-US company a Customs assigned number and a continuous bond to allow them to make entry in their own name. Ask us for more details about this service.

Our staff of five licensed Customs brokers and more than twenty dedicated people are experienced in handling Customs entries covering a variety of commodities. We make entry before a host of Participating Government Agencies (PGA’s) including, but not limited to, FDA, Fish & Wildlife, EPA, DOT and others.

If your cargo is detained by Customs for an examination, we work closely with the Customs examination sites in Atlanta and around the country to quickly get cargo examined, released and on the way to you or your customer.

Lisa Ragan Customs Brokerage handles all clearance at every U.S. port and all Canadian commercial ports on behalf of importers and exporters around the world, in all major markets:

  • Middle East
  • Europe
  • Indian Subcontinent
  • Africa
  • Central and South America
  • Asia
  • Australia and the Oceanic areas